Wigglin’ out to Paulina Elementary

Paulina Elementary joined schools in the “wormability” movement! This makes a total of seven schools wormin’ it up!

This week Denise, the sustainability educator at the Environmental Center, came over and loaded up a Wonder Worman Worm bin along with the bedding and a pound of worms, and headed off 80 miles east of Bend to educate the super willing friends of Paulina. These folks will be composting all of their usable waste at the school and will soon have a rich amendment to add to their plants and veggies. They will weigh and record their waste before feeding the red wigglers to determine if they need to build some more bins.
I will be posting some pictures soon. Denise will forward them to me, and then they will be up for viewing!!! I am ever thankful to my friends at the Enviro Center.
Happy Wormin’

Compostable baby wipes!

I am excited to share a product introduced to me a week ago. Linda, CEO and Co-Founder of Elements Naturals and Shannon, her PR sidekick met with me at a local, fantastic coffee house in Bend. Linda’s compostable baby wipes are 100% Natural and are chemical and fragrant free. These wipes will break down into usable compost in a home compost pile and soon to be tested in my Wonder Worman Super composting Worm Bin!

Now that my kids are way past the diaper stage…Nice for me!…, I have started using these wipes for our hands rather than their bottoms. (I am happy they are no longer pooping in their pants, but I do miss their baby smell.) These wipes are super soft and hold up to the wear and tear of removing dirt from grimy hands.
I have also used them for cleaning my key board. They have just the right amount of moisture and are not sopping wet. I think I’ve used 4 so far and will be tossing them into a worm bin over the weekend.
Here’s to a cool compostable product!! More later! Happy Wormin’

Back to where it all began!

Just a quick photo blog today! The mystery plant returning to the bin. Please refer to yesterdays blog if you’re confused.

I yanked up the plant. Check out the length of the roots!
Broke the roots off so it wouldn’t continue growing in the bin!
There was a veggie growing. I’m thinking it was a pumpkin.
I decided to break the vines into pieces to help the worms out a bit.
Back to where the seed started! Happy feasting wigglers! It’s your turn now!!!

Mystery Veggie Chomped by Deer?!

From this………

A beautiful, lush, healthy looking veggie believed to be a pumpkin plant.
To this……….
A sickly, devoured, bunch of twisted mess which was a tasty treat for some creature that’s lurking the alleys of Awbrey Road!
After blogging about this mystery veggie a month ago, I got a kick out of watching it grow. Every morning, I would check for a sign, letting me know what “it” was going to be. Would it sprout some pumpkins, watermelons or squash? Whatever was to come would be cool cause this all started from a seed from the wiggler’s compost. A seed that was left behind from either a pumpkin, watermelon, or squash. Wigglers don’t care for the seeds but do love the scraps left around them.
Well, last week I went out and saw this! I was a bit upset but happy to provide a feast for a deer, raccoon or skunk?? Hmm, what’s lurking in our alley at night? At least they were fed! Now, I plan on taking this veggie mess and feed it to the wigglers, bringing it back to where it started! How’s that for recycling?
Happy Wormin’

Party Plate Update

About 3 weeks ago, I was given a bin full of compostable cups and plates from a friend who hosted a pretty big party! I posted a blog and wanted to update the worms’ progress with some photos!

Progress is pretty slow, and I think it’s because I put the plates on the top of the bedding. I decided to replace the “newspaper” blanket with the wet party plates.
I do notice some worm casting on top of the plates so they are making their way to the top. The plates are still moist and rather flimsy so they are breaking down.
When I pulled the plates away, I was happy to see the worms feasting on the scraps. This is a good sign.
The plates are not deterring them from doing their good deeds!!
I will continue to update their progress!! So if you have compostable cups and plates, feed them to your red wigglers! Maybe tear some up and mix them in the bedding.
Happy worming!!!