One more left!

I have one more bin left!  The dimensions are 4′ x 2′ x 1′.  I would love to deliver and set up this beautiful and locally made worm bin for $155.  This includes free delivery in the Bend area (call for specifics), worm bedding, and a pound of Red Wigglers!

Check out my website for more info.


Sweet Love

Love, pure love!  My kids loving their grandma and their grandma loving my kids!  Carlos snapped this on Easter before we feasted on dinner and after we devoured amazing cinnamon rolls.

I’ve never made cinnamon rolls but got the urge when I woke up at 5! My kids love cinnamon rolls from Nancy P’s, a local bakery in Bend, but I wasn’t sure if they were going to be open.  So I got my butt out of bed, did some research, and found this awesome recipe! Real ingredients, real rich, real high caloric ingredients but real ingredients!  I am a fan of the real stuff, the natural stuff, the good stuff.

They were so delicious! I will be making these again.

The egg shells were dried, pulverized and fed to the Red Wigglers!

Wonder Worman Raised Garden Beds for Sale!

This is totally awesome!  I have some raised garden beds for you to buy.  They even have worm some remnants of worm poopies left inside so you can blend them in with your top soil.

If you live in Central Oregon, come on over and give me $150.  I will gladly give you a beautifully made raised garden bed!  Please let me know before you head my way…..reply below :^)



Go organic as much as possible

There are many articles written about organic foods and clothing.  They all stress the importance of choosing organic products and the risk involved if you don’t.  Pesticides, hormones and antibiotics rank the highest in nonorganic products.

Today I read an article on, and I’d like to share it with you.  In summary, the article lists 11 items that should be organic.  Celery surprised me.  I knew strawberries, milk and beef are important but didn’t think celery would be high on the list.

Read here to see the full list.


Help Japan!

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami and now the fear of a terrible nuclear meltdown, my husband Carlos was creatively inspired to create this beautiful (yet sad) poster to promote awareness into giving help to Japan.   I am aware of a few donation sites out there in cyberspace, but not too sure of their credibility.  So please be careful where you make your donations.

I took this directly from a site where Carlos has shared his poster.

A bit of a segue this week from iPhoneography. I’ve designed a poster to help raise funds for the relief efforts going on now in Japan. I had spent some time Friday sketching – took a break and continued yesterday – or wait -Sunday – it’s already Tuesday – aye. So I finished it up and modified my site a bit to facilitate the purchase of this poster – All proceeds from the sale of this poster will go to help the people in Japan.

If you’ve already made a donation – great! If you are thinking about it, and maybe would like to get a cool poster for your efforts, here you go. :^)

Here is a link to his site.  All of the proceeds of the sale of his poster will go to Global Giving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief fund. You can also make a donation on the site also.  Thanks for helping!

All the better to see you with!

Have you ever wanted to see Red Wigglers magnified?  or see them digest food?  I have!!  I’m sure you’re not surprised.  I love everything about these little guys.  Seriously, I even love their tiny digestive tract and their tiny, little mouths and their teeny, tiny, little hearts (Unfortunately, you can’t see those through the viewer) and their little poops!  These guys are amazing.

I bought 5 of these viewers after conducting a workshop with the Environmental Center a few years ago.  Denise introduced me to these cool items!  These come along with me when I make presentations and deliver my worm bin packages.  Not everyone partakes, but I give them the option…. I try not to take it personally if they decide not to look!

Carlos took this really cool shot!  You can see my buddies the way I see my buddies!  Up close and ummm personal.  I hope they don’t mind the way I spy on them!  I am their biggest fan!  xoxoxoxo I love you Red Wigglers!!!

If you desire to check them out or some other creature, click on the links!