The next generation of Vermicomposters is coming!

cssu_logo_500Reading comments from a group of enthusiastic students was an amazing treat!  While at my day job, I checked my phone to find 10 plus comments from, what I’d like to call, “The Future Vermicomposters of Our Amazing Planet”!  Way to go young ones! Thanks for getting my Wonder Worman brain in action.  It has been a while since I have blogged and am so happy to be inspired by young, earth loving minds!

These young ones must have an amazing teacher!  Each comment began with a positive statement and ended with a well, thought out question!  What a great way to make someone feel heard and an even better way to get a quick reply.  Well done!  Some of the questions were precious, “Who is Max and Carlos?” “Is Carlos your Hubers?” (thanks for that question!  I will forever refer to Carlos as my hubers!) Some were thought provoking, “Why did you start composting with worms?” “How did you feel the first time you watched the Earth video?”

I happily replied to each of the questions and thanked them for their comments!  I really don’t know too much about the school and it’s philosophy, but I do know they compost in the classroom and have a group of young ones who care a bunch for our planet!  Way to go!

Keep on wormin’


Wigglers have good taste in food and art!

During the Halloween season, thump coffee had a fun project for those who wanted to participate in the “Day of the Dead” art walk. They offered up markers and compostable cups to thumpers to ghoulishly decorate. Many created skulls and halloweenish themed pictures.  I collected these cups knowing red wigglers loved to chomp on them!  I weeded through the cups which were not completely covered with markers and tossed them.  I was not sure how the worms would react? Would they love them or be killed?
So with this in mind, I first soaked the cups in a bucket of water.

Then I drained the colored water and did a refill.

After about two or three batches of rinses, I called it quits and left the cups to soak for a few days. Blah, I was done!

After the soaking, I introduced the red wigglers along with established compost into the bucket with the cups.  The cups were quite moist to help with the decomposition. Can you spot the wigglers?
Finally,I covered them with a blanket of leaves to keep them cozy and warm.  They are now munching out in my garage.

From Farm to School

Back to School Night at Cascade Middle School was fun and insightful. Carlos and I joined what felt like millions of parents in the gym to get the beginning of the year info from the principal.  After a review of last year’s test statistics and this year’s goals, we were set free to Max’s first period.  For an hour, we followed Max’s daily schedule.  Each class was about 5 min with 3 min passing periods.  We even went to the cafeteria to sample some of the school food which was actually really, really good!  Chicken Poppy Salad, fresh veggies, and fruit were served by a super sweet cafeteria lady.  It was such a difference from my middle school days!  Gone are the days of cardboard frozen pizza and mystery meat sandwiches.  Clam chowder in bread bowls, baked beef ziti, terriyaki chicken and brown rice, chili, hummus, black bean burgers, hamburger bar, and spaghetti bar are just a few items on the menu. The kids have many, many choices healthy choices.  With each main meal, there is a side of fruits and vegetables.  All of the fruits and veggies are from local growers, and the beef is from local farms.  Carlos and I were really impressed and happily surprised!  Way to go nutrition services.

Here are some highlights from the brochure.

– whole wheat and grains are used

-trans-fats have been eliminated

-low-fat cheese and milk

-only fruits and veggie can be “super sized”

-breads are baked at the high school

– ooooh they even have a panini machine!

Now to get them composting with Red Wigglers!


Yummy Strawberries

Wow!  Our strawberries are so tasty.  This year, I didn’t tend the garden as much as last year.  We bought the strawberry starters last year and incorporated the soil with 40 pounds of worm castings.  Unfortunately we forgot to put up a screen to keep the critters away, and they had a feast. This season, I top dressed the garden with 2 inches of worm castings.  As you can see, we didn’t put up a screen to keep away the deer.  I am not sure why they haven’t been in our yard.  I’m thinking the dogs in the hood have kept them away!  Any way, WE have been enjoying the berries.

This morning the kids decided to wash the car so I went to get them set up. While they were arguing about the hose, the soap, the sponges…blah, blah, blah….I went to the garden, grabbed some berries and shoved them into their mouths!  It helped for a few seconds….. Then I got my phone and snapped these pictures.