The next generation of Vermicomposters is coming!

cssu_logo_500Reading comments from a group of enthusiastic students was an amazing treat!  While at my day job, I checked my phone to find 10 plus comments from, what I’d like to call, “The Future Vermicomposters of Our Amazing Planet”!  Way to go young ones! Thanks for getting my Wonder Worman brain in action.  It has been a while since I have blogged and am so happy to be inspired by young, earth loving minds!

These young ones must have an amazing teacher!  Each comment began with a positive statement and ended with a well, thought out question!  What a great way to make someone feel heard and an even better way to get a quick reply.  Well done!  Some of the questions were precious, “Who is Max and Carlos?” “Is Carlos your Hubers?” (thanks for that question!  I will forever refer to Carlos as my hubers!) Some were thought provoking, “Why did you start composting with worms?” “How did you feel the first time you watched the Earth video?”

I happily replied to each of the questions and thanked them for their comments!  I really don’t know too much about the school and it’s philosophy, but I do know they compost in the classroom and have a group of young ones who care a bunch for our planet!  Way to go!

Keep on wormin’


Red Wigglers + Compostable Cups

Today, I decided to take some pictures of my thump coffe cups in my worm bins.  The cups are 100% compostable and made from sugar cane and lined with material derived from corn.  Most of the compostable products made today are meant to be hot composted in a commercial facility, but I like to see what happens when these products are put into a cold composter like a Red Wiggler bin.

I have conducted many, many tests with compostable products.  Compostable plates, cups, utensils, and packages have been put to the test.  They are all breaking down at various rates with the plates being the quickest.  thump coffee (yes, I realize the “t” is not capitalized.  That’s their logo.  Bravo Carlos) cups are breaking down rather quickly too.

The Red Wigglers are doing fine and are not bothered by the cups.  Some days I can find them inside cleaning up the leftover coffee!

Tumalo Community School

Cool wigglings happening in Tumalo!

This is my third year working with Tumalo Community School. For the past two years, they were vermicomposting in a few classrooms, but this year they have decided to include the rest of the school community with the eagerness of Mr. W. The school received grants through the Environmental Center to purchase worms and other educational materials. This year they decided to “go big” with a Wonder Worman Super Composting Bin to accomodate all of the waste.  I was more than happy to jump aboard, deliver the bin and donate my time in the cafeteria to get the program wiggling.  For the past 4 days, I have been roaming the cafeteria collecting fruit and veggie scraps while educating the kids along the way.  The students are avoiding the trash can if they have usable food waste and dumping it into the wiggler bucket. It’s awesome to see them make the connection, and soon they will be ready to take the wiggling reigns.

My plan is to continue visiting during the lunch hour for the remainder of the week.  Then reduce my time to once a month to check on the wigglers.


Happy Birthday Carlos!

Carlos had a birthday this weekend!  I am sure he wouldn’t mind if I told you his age.  He’s 3 x 4 x 2 x 2 -8!
He’s wearing one of his gifts given to him by his ever so loving mom and dad. This really cool sweater/shirt is made by Patagonia.  We have a Patagonia store downtown, and to tell you the truth I haven’t been in there in quite some time!

Their cool tag resembles the region in South America.  Not sure if I’ll ever make it down there in this lifetime.  Maybe when I am reincarnated into a Red Wiggler, I’ll have the chance?!  That’s silly and doubt that’ll happen.

Here’s the other tag which was attached to the shirt.  Patagonia created the Common Threads Recycling Program.  The tag reads “At Patagonia, we take back worn products and and recycle them into new products via our Common Threads Recycling Programs.”   Click here for the link to their really cool site which gives way more info than I can type at the moment!

That’s all it takes to motivate!

Today I attended an assembly at Little a’s school, High Lakes.  I received an email from her teacher this morning inviting me to see her get an award for positive behavior.  I was psyched to go and see the ceremony!  I arrived on time, took my seat and waited for her class to arrive in the auditorium.

Remember those days as a kid?!  I sure do!  I loved assemblies. A change in the schedule meant less work and more time to socialize with your friends. woohoo!

First on the docket was the presentation of the awards. I thought we’d be out soon, but I was soooooooo wrong, BUT pleasantly surprised. The music teacher called a group of 4/5th graders up to the stage to do a Broadway Ensemble!!!! Holy Cow!  I was in heaven!  NYC! NYC! I couldn’t believe it because just yesterday I wrote a post about a dream job in NYC! So for the next 20 minutes, I was whisked off to NYC, listening to the sounds of the Lion King, Rent, and Wicked! What a show!  My toes were tapping and my leg was a-swinging! “Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes!  I just can’t wait to be KING!!!” They were terrific….  After the musical, we were dismissed back to our classes. Oh wait!…not me!  The kids were dismissed, and I had to wait in the hall until school was over!

While checking the art work and fun stuff, I saw this simple yet effective teacher made poster on the wall!  Way to go High Lakes!  I love, love, love seeing reminders to recycle.  This sign raises the awareness of the students and staff. It makes you think before you toss.  This is similar to the sign at Mt.Bachelor except it’s a bit more detailed.

There’s just one item on this list that I want to change!  One of Wonder Worman’s missions!  Can you find it? I’ll give you about 5 seconds to scan and answer……Ready, Set, GO!  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..Times UP!

I want to move the Food!!!! to the recycling side and create a side that writes “Put in the Compost Bucket!”

Soon, Soon, soon!  Patience WW! Patience!!

One school at a time…….  (Tumalo Community School is on the horizon)

Maybe I can get an award for displaying patience!  ….nah, there’s no time for that!

A simple sign to remind us all!

Carlos snapped this picture at Mt. Bachelor after we chowed on the most delicious but bad for your body nachos!  What a simple sign to joggle your noggin!

Very simple but effective …..” Before you throw it, think can you recycle it.”

Love this sign Mt Bachelor!

We all need to think before we trash it!