Cool wigglings happening in Tumalo!

This is my third year working with Tumalo Community School. For the past two years, they were vermicomposting in a few classrooms, but this year they have decided to include the rest of the school community with the eagerness of Mr. W. The school received grants through the Environmental Center to purchase worms and other educational materials. This year they decided to “go big” with a Wonder Worman Super Composting Bin to accomodate all of the waste.  I was more than happy to jump aboard, deliver the bin and donate my time in the cafeteria to get the program wiggling.  For the past 4 days, I have been roaming the cafeteria collecting fruit and veggie scraps while educating the kids along the way.  The students are avoiding the trash can if they have usable food waste and dumping it into the wiggler bucket. It’s awesome to see them make the connection, and soon they will be ready to take the wiggling reigns.

My plan is to continue visiting during the lunch hour for the remainder of the week.  Then reduce my time to once a month to check on the wigglers.