From this………

A beautiful, lush, healthy looking veggie believed to be a pumpkin plant.
To this……….
A sickly, devoured, bunch of twisted mess which was a tasty treat for some creature that’s lurking the alleys of Awbrey Road!
After blogging about this mystery veggie a month ago, I got a kick out of watching it grow. Every morning, I would check for a sign, letting me know what “it” was going to be. Would it sprout some pumpkins, watermelons or squash? Whatever was to come would be cool cause this all started from a seed from the wiggler’s compost. A seed that was left behind from either a pumpkin, watermelon, or squash. Wigglers don’t care for the seeds but do love the scraps left around them.
Well, last week I went out and saw this! I was a bit upset but happy to provide a feast for a deer, raccoon or skunk?? Hmm, what’s lurking in our alley at night? At least they were fed! Now, I plan on taking this veggie mess and feed it to the wigglers, bringing it back to where it started! How’s that for recycling?
Happy Wormin’