About 3 weeks ago, I was given a bin full of compostable cups and plates from a friend who hosted a pretty big party! I posted a blog and wanted to update the worms’ progress with some photos!

Progress is pretty slow, and I think it’s because I put the plates on the top of the bedding. I decided to replace the “newspaper” blanket with the wet party plates.
I do notice some worm casting on top of the plates so they are making their way to the top. The plates are still moist and rather flimsy so they are breaking down.
When I pulled the plates away, I was happy to see the worms feasting on the scraps. This is a good sign.
The plates are not deterring them from doing their good deeds!!
I will continue to update their progress!! So if you have compostable cups and plates, feed them to your red wigglers! Maybe tear some up and mix them in the bedding.
Happy worming!!!