SunChips Compostable Bag Weekly Update #3

Just a quick update today!  Two posts in one day is tough for me!

Data and Observations:

Pretty cool stuff is happening to the piece of the bag that ripped away from the bigger piece of the bag…see, I can’t write two posts in one day.  My brain can’t take it.  Everything comes out jumbled.  Take a look at the picture.  The silver glow on the inside of the piece is fading and the blue outer color is being exposed.  Looks like a layer is breaking down.

The temperature in the bin is about the same from last week, 42F.  The outside temperature has fluctuated from about 20F-40F.

That’s about it!  no big whoooop!

SunChips Compostable Bag Weekly Update #2

SunChips Compostable Bag Weekly Update #2

Yikes, it’s been cold in Bend! Cold enough for it to snow in November. When there’s snow on the worm bins, I like to leave it there.  Having the snow on the bins, provides another layer of insulation for the Red Wigglers.  I am still conducting the SunChips experiment despite this cold weather.  The bag is in it’s 3rd week of composting. Each week, I will update the “Data and Observations” section of the experiment.

Data and Observations: The temperature in Bend was 41F when I went to check on the worms.  To my surprise, the temperature inside the worm bin was about the same.  I made sure to thoroughly clean the thermometer when I got back inside!
When I pulled away the bedding, I saw one lonely Red Wiggler next to the SunChips bag. He was moving rather slowly, and I am sure he was cold.  There wasn’t much of a change from last week.  I did pick up the bag to see if it would rip some more, but it didn’t :^(

Even with these frigid temperatures, I will continue to observe the SunChips bag.

Happy Wormin’

Check out this cool trail of ice which formed on our gutter chain.  At the moment, it is slowly melting away and the sound it’s producing is rather calming!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

It’s been so cold in Bend!  Last week, our daytime highs were in the 20’s and the night time lows were in the negative single digits. Not only were we blasted with winter temperatures, Mother Nature also granted us 6 inches of snow.  The kids enjoyed the snow and weren’t phased by the arctic temperatures.  They made a really cute snowman with Carlos and loved pelting each other with snowballs.  I’m not to sure how the Red Wigglers felt about this unseasonably cold weather.  I’m going to check on them and the Sunchips bag today and will record all of my data for my ongoing experiment.  It will be a quick visit because there is a nice layer of snow on the top of the worm bins, and I don’t want to expose them to the outside temperature for too long.  That wouldn’t be too nice to blast them with cold air…yuck.  Be back in a bit!

I think I might be dating Ingeo!

Listen to this post!

Ingeo (pronounced in-gee-o) keeps popping up in my life and so unexpectedly!  I’ve developed an interesting relationship with this silly word but great product!

Ingeo was first introduced to me over the summer when I met with Linda, the owner of Elements Naturals.  Her compostable baby wipes are made with Ingeo, a plant based product which is 100% compostable.  I was very happy to meet Ingeo and was very impressed by it’s capabilities.  I also thought “Ooooooh, Ingeo, you are so soft!”

I didn’t run into Ingeo for quite sometime, until I bought a package of SunChips on Monday of last week.   I then thought, “OH, Ingeo, you are so LOUD!, but that’s o.k. you’re good for the planet.”

Four days later, while wrapping a present, I started to undress Ingeo!  Ingeo was covering my pretty yellow tissue paper. I then said , “ooooooh, Ingeo, you are sooooo smoooth!”

Then today the unspeakable happened!  I had my lips on Ingeo!!  While sipping a cup of coffee, I noticed the cup and lid were made with Ingeo.

Hmmmm, I am on the hunt for you Ingeo!  Where and when will we meet again?!  I can’t believe you had me kiss you without even asking!  You are one smooooth operator!

If you’d like to learn more about this smooth, soft, sometimes loud but good for the planet product click here! (And to also see if you, too, may have had or still have a relationship with Ingeo?!)

I am in the process of vermicomposting the SunChips bag, some baby wipes and now the coffe lid and cup!  I have to get rid of that evidence!

Pretty cool stuff! Just a piece of correspondance between me and Frito-Lay


I am so excited to begin my composting experiment with the compostable bag!  Thanks for creating this product.  I am promoting the bag and really don’t care about the noise.  I understand Frito Lay needs to listen to consumers in order for the product to survive, but was upset to see that there was a change back to the plastic bags while research is being conducted.  I am the owner of Wonder Worman, a composting service business in Bend, Oregon.  I sell Red Wiggler composting worms and worm bins.  I also work with the Environmental Center, setting up our local schools with worm bins and composting bins.  Please view my blog and web site.  I will be updating the blog with the observations of my experiment on a regular basis.

Best to the business!

Laurie – Red Wiggler Merchant

Frito-Lay’s response

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for your enthusiastic response on Snack Chat about our SunChips compostable package.  I’m not an expert on composting but have been told that the package does not break down as well in vermi-compost, because it is a cold compost method.  The ideal compost temperature needed for our package to decompose is 120-140 degrees.  To achieve this temperature there are some great suggestions on  Your business venture sounds like an exciting one, and certainly needed with the growing sentiment we’ve seen from consumers about being good stewards of our planet.  We wish you the very best in your endeavor and thank you again for supporting our earth-friendly initiative.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best regards,

Linda Phelps

Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs