Yikes, it’s been cold in Bend! Cold enough for it to snow in November. When there’s snow on the worm bins, I like to leave it there.  Having the snow on the bins, provides another layer of insulation for the Red Wigglers.  I am still conducting the SunChips experiment despite this cold weather.  The bag is in it’s 3rd week of composting. Each week, I will update the “Data and Observations” section of the experiment.

Data and Observations: The temperature in Bend was 41F when I went to check on the worms.  To my surprise, the temperature inside the worm bin was about the same.  I made sure to thoroughly clean the thermometer when I got back inside!
When I pulled away the bedding, I saw one lonely Red Wiggler next to the SunChips bag. He was moving rather slowly, and I am sure he was cold.  There wasn’t much of a change from last week.  I did pick up the bag to see if it would rip some more, but it didn’t :^(

Even with these frigid temperatures, I will continue to observe the SunChips bag.

Happy Wormin’

Check out this cool trail of ice which formed on our gutter chain.  At the moment, it is slowly melting away and the sound it’s producing is rather calming!