Sweet Love

Love, pure love!  My kids loving their grandma and their grandma loving my kids!  Carlos snapped this on Easter before we feasted on dinner and after we devoured amazing cinnamon rolls.

I’ve never made cinnamon rolls but got the urge when I woke up at 5! My kids love cinnamon rolls from Nancy P’s, a local bakery in Bend, but I wasn’t sure if they were going to be open.  So I got my butt out of bed, did some research, and found this awesome recipe! Real ingredients, real rich, real high caloric ingredients but real ingredients!  I am a fan of the real stuff, the natural stuff, the good stuff.

They were so delicious! I will be making these again.

The egg shells were dried, pulverized and fed to the Red Wigglers!

Putting an active "Little a" to work!

My sweet, “Little a” went to work pulverizing eggshells for our red wigglers. Eggs shells contain calcium which the worms need to survive and to help with reproduction. Being a red wiggler merchant, this is important to me. I need to have the perfect environment for the worms to reproduce. If the worms have too much calcium, they have a gland unique to their species. The calciferous gland is located in their digestive tract. This helps regulate the amount of calcium in their blood.

The calcium in the bedding also helps balance the ph. Calcium will bring the ph to neutral, neither acidic or basic. The ideal composting conditions.
Many vermicomposters have shared there is no need to worry about adding too many egg shells if you eat eggs daily.

I didn’t take a picture of the final product. It was a bit finer than what you see here. This is really close, though. I then took the bag out to my Wonder Worman bin and sprinkled it on top and then gently mixed it in about an inch.
Thanks for your help “Little a”
Happy Wormin’

Is this appealing to YOU?

Probably not, I am sure of that, but to my red wigglers this is heaven on a stick. The nastier the better. They will devour this mess of mush in about 2 weeks, and I will keep track of this for the week. I am home for a week from my “other” job due to a surgery so I need a Wonder Worman project to keep me busy. I have decided to document the progress of bin #1.

Not sure if you can tell what all of this is???
– 3/4 of a watermelon
-3 coffee filters
-carrots…not sure how many
-cabbage leaves…from my garden (which the deer have eaten…another blog for that one)
-apple core and some egg shells
I shall see how long this takes. I just threw the waste on top of the bedding and have covered the food with large sheets of newspaper. I will be back tomorrow to show another picture. Happy worming!!!