Probably not, I am sure of that, but to my red wigglers this is heaven on a stick. The nastier the better. They will devour this mess of mush in about 2 weeks, and I will keep track of this for the week. I am home for a week from my “other” job due to a surgery so I need a Wonder Worman project to keep me busy. I have decided to document the progress of bin #1.

Not sure if you can tell what all of this is???
– 3/4 of a watermelon
-3 coffee filters
-carrots…not sure how many
-cabbage leaves…from my garden (which the deer have eaten…another blog for that one)
-apple core and some egg shells
I shall see how long this takes. I just threw the waste on top of the bedding and have covered the food with large sheets of newspaper. I will be back tomorrow to show another picture. Happy worming!!!