Happy Earth Day

Little a’s class made these flowers a few years ago for Earth Day!  Can you find the one she made?  Hint: She loves, loves, loves orange. Yup, the pretty one in the middle.

Blooming flowers are just one piece of nature that floods my mind when I think of Earth Day.

-rivers, lakes, oceans

-cliffs, canyons, boulders

-eagles, deer, rabbits

-flowers, grass, sand

Nature in it’s pure form.  Untouched by “us”.

Please give thanks to Mother Earth for all that she provides to us.  It’s a good day for me to reflect on my needs and my wants. I don’t need 10 pairs of shoes, I don’t need 10 jackets, I don’t need 20 pants, etc, etc, etc!  I just need to slow down, sit and realize all that I have and then I’ll realize all that I need.


Welcome to Rosland, Red Wigglers!

I wanted to share this adorable poster that welcomed me upon my arrival at Rosland Elementary in La Pine.  Mrs. Ayres hung this in the foyer after her first graders wiggled their fingers on the paper.  The kids were so excited to have new wiggler friends at Rosland to share their fruit and veggies scraps!

Rosland Elementary has joined the Red Army

Today I will be loading two Wonder Worman Super Composting Worm Bin packages and heading south to Rosland Elementary School in La Pine.  They were granted the resources from the Environmental Center’s Earth Smart Grant to purchase supplies.  The Earth Smart Grant is funded by various local organizations and awarded to schools that plan on reducing their waste by either increasing their recycling efforts or composting.

Visiting schools is the best part of my job.  The kids are amazing!  The smiles, squeals and laughter upon seeing and holding the red wigglers makes my efforts so worth it!  Pictures to come soon!

Wonder Worman Raised Garden Beds for Sale!

This is totally awesome!  I have some raised garden beds for you to buy.  They even have worm some remnants of worm poopies left inside so you can blend them in with your top soil.

If you live in Central Oregon, come on over and give me $150.  I will gladly give you a beautifully made raised garden bed!  Please let me know before you head my way…..reply below :^)



Tumalo Community School

Cool wigglings happening in Tumalo!

This is my third year working with Tumalo Community School. For the past two years, they were vermicomposting in a few classrooms, but this year they have decided to include the rest of the school community with the eagerness of Mr. W. The school received grants through the Environmental Center to purchase worms and other educational materials. This year they decided to “go big” with a Wonder Worman Super Composting Bin to accomodate all of the waste.  I was more than happy to jump aboard, deliver the bin and donate my time in the cafeteria to get the program wiggling.  For the past 4 days, I have been roaming the cafeteria collecting fruit and veggie scraps while educating the kids along the way.  The students are avoiding the trash can if they have usable food waste and dumping it into the wiggler bucket. It’s awesome to see them make the connection, and soon they will be ready to take the wiggling reigns.

My plan is to continue visiting during the lunch hour for the remainder of the week.  Then reduce my time to once a month to check on the wigglers.