Day 4: Is This Appealing to YOU?

Blah, is all I can say about this one! Well, ick and gross come to mind too! I pulled back the watermelon to see what was going on underneath. The worms do scatter!

Things are moving along rather slowly this week. It may be due to the cooler weather we have been having! Wow today at 6p.m. it was 45! Yikes, fall is here. The worms are slowing down for sure. I still think this mush will be gone in a week!

see ya tomorrow!

Day 3: Is This Appealing to YOU?

Welcome to Day 3! Not much has changed in Bin #1, except there was a cute visitor hanging out on a watermelon! My daughter got a kick out of seeing him and called him a snail. I think she is right, or is it a slug??

Seeing this little guys made me smile. He too is enjoying the nice, juicy watermelon along with my Red Wigglers.

Let’s hope for some more change tomorrow. Change that is worth photographing! or maybe a cute visitor?!

Day 2: Is This Appealing to YOU?

I decided to check on bin #1 a little bit earlier today because I wanted to add a “meat” thermometer to see what the temperature was in the bedding. When I lifted to newspaper, I noticed not much has changed. There were a few red wigglers on the top of the coffee filters, but by the time I turned my camera on and took the picture they were gone. They are quick when they are exposed to light! I believe another type of bug is eating through the cabbage leaf. There are big bites taken out of it. It is not uncommon to have other decomposers in the bin too. The worms are well mannered and don’t mind sharing!

Here is the “meat” thermometer. It reads about 62 degrees (not sure how to make the symbol on the computer).

The worms are quite active when I pulled the watermelon away so I know they don’t mind this temperature. Tomorrow, I will take a picture of the worms underneath the melon. I will have to keep an eye on this and will begin to insulate the bins when it drops to about 40 degrees.

After I finished taking pictures, I covered the red wigglers with their favorite “blankie”. They surely like their large sheets of newspaper. It keeps their home nice and dark and helps to keep out the fruit flies.

Until tomorrow…..

Happy Worming!

Is this appealing to YOU?

Probably not, I am sure of that, but to my red wigglers this is heaven on a stick. The nastier the better. They will devour this mess of mush in about 2 weeks, and I will keep track of this for the week. I am home for a week from my “other” job due to a surgery so I need a Wonder Worman project to keep me busy. I have decided to document the progress of bin #1.

Not sure if you can tell what all of this is???
– 3/4 of a watermelon
-3 coffee filters
-carrots…not sure how many
-cabbage leaves…from my garden (which the deer have eaten…another blog for that one)
-apple core and some egg shells
I shall see how long this takes. I just threw the waste on top of the bedding and have covered the food with large sheets of newspaper. I will be back tomorrow to show another picture. Happy worming!!!