I decided to check on bin #1 a little bit earlier today because I wanted to add a “meat” thermometer to see what the temperature was in the bedding. When I lifted to newspaper, I noticed not much has changed. There were a few red wigglers on the top of the coffee filters, but by the time I turned my camera on and took the picture they were gone. They are quick when they are exposed to light! I believe another type of bug is eating through the cabbage leaf. There are big bites taken out of it. It is not uncommon to have other decomposers in the bin too. The worms are well mannered and don’t mind sharing!

Here is the “meat” thermometer. It reads about 62 degrees (not sure how to make the symbol on the computer).

The worms are quite active when I pulled the watermelon away so I know they don’t mind this temperature. Tomorrow, I will take a picture of the worms underneath the melon. I will have to keep an eye on this and will begin to insulate the bins when it drops to about 40 degrees.

After I finished taking pictures, I covered the red wigglers with their favorite “blankie”. They surely like their large sheets of newspaper. It keeps their home nice and dark and helps to keep out the fruit flies.

Until tomorrow…..

Happy Worming!