Dinner for the family and of course, the red wigglers!!!

Tonight, as a request from the family, I made a favorite dish.

Sausage, peppers, onions and garlic on a loaf of fresh bread with melted cheddar cheese is a very filling, non diet type meal, but oh man is it tasty!

While I was washing the peppers, I thought about writing this blog to show the scraps that would be fed to the worms.
As I am typing this, I have to avoid looking at the picture because I am so full and the sight of the sausage is making my stomach turn. I am not much of a sausage eater and decided a few recipes ago to change from pork to turkey. In this dish, you really can’t taste the difference. I think the veggies mask the flavor.
So after all of the slicing and dicing, this is what is left for the red wigglers. There is the onion’s top and bottom and a bit of its outer layer. Although many vermicomposters say to avoid onions, I have found that maybe one onion a week is not so bad.
There is also the center and top stem of the peppers. When it’s time for me to dump them into the worm bin, I will make sure to get rid of the seeds. Not that the seeds will harm the worms, they won’t eat them and will be left behind in the compost.
I thought it would be cool to share the final, yummy dish. The picture looks odd to me!! Not too appealing, maybe because I ate so much of it and I am full!!
On a side note, not worm related, I grew up eating this awesome sandwich at Italian Feasts on Long Island many, many years ago. So many memories come rushing back each time I start cooking!
Till next time, Happy Wormin’

Shredded Newspaper

Composting with Red Wigglers requires bedding material. There needs to be a mixture of green and brown waste. The green waste would be considered the veggie and fruits scraps and the brown waste would be the shredded newspaper/peat moss combination. In the past, I have been using a 50/50 combination for the bedding. This season I’ve changed the ratio to 75% newspaper and 25% peat moss. I want to mix it up a bit.

Making sure I do not have a lot of colored paper or the slick advertisements, I start the shredding process. Some vermicomposters like to use a paper shredder. I prefer to use my hands. Shredding the paper is very relaxing. I find myself day dreaming and traveling off to some tropical island. Any way! I wanted to share my new bedding material with you. I will keep you updated on the process and report if I made any changes.
Happy wormin’

Let the Feasting Begin!

I came home this afternoon to find my pumpkin collection bucket full of nasty, rotting pumpkins. My red wigglers will be feasting for a while, especially on something they enjoy.

During my 5+ years of vermicomposting, I have found that they love pumpkins. In the past, I have halved and quartered pumpkins and tossed them into the worm bins. After a day or so, I checked on them and lifted a piece of the pumpkin and to my surprise, I found a cluster of red wigglers underneath! Way cool!!!
If you have a worm bin and pumpkins left, go ahead and feed them to your worms!

Thanks to all of my friends for supplying these nasty, rotting pumpkins!

Day 4: Is This Appealing to YOU?

Blah, is all I can say about this one! Well, ick and gross come to mind too! I pulled back the watermelon to see what was going on underneath. The worms do scatter!

Things are moving along rather slowly this week. It may be due to the cooler weather we have been having! Wow today at 6p.m. it was 45! Yikes, fall is here. The worms are slowing down for sure. I still think this mush will be gone in a week!

see ya tomorrow!

The Red Army continues to grow!

Many people in Central Oregon are Vermicomposting! Some are new to the experience and some have tons of knowledge to share. I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing what they want to achieve.

There are really helpful websites for vermicomposters around the world!
If you want to see who is composting globally and add yourself to a list of red wiggler fans visit vermicomposters.com.
Also there’s google’s knol which has a great article on Vermicomposting.