"Feed the Wigglers" campaign was wigglerful!

 The “Feed the Wigglers” campaign has officially come to a close!  It was so cool to look outside at different times during the day and see groups of pumpkins left on the lawn.

I’m not too sure if the sign on the corner of Awbrey Rd and Portland Ave actually brought people to the drop site.  I have a feeling it just made people wonder, but that’s cool, too!

Thanks to all of my friends and readers who dropped off their carved creations.  My Red Wigglers are set for quite some time.

I think…(this is an estimate)… there were about 35 pumpkins dropped at the house.  I am not certain because my kids were infatuated with grabbing something hard, like a baseball bat, and whacking the heck out of the pumpkins the minute they got home from school!  The guts and rinds went a-flying.

Their madness was actually much appreciated.  They saved me an hour of smashing them myself.  It was fun to see them get their wackiness out!

I wasn’t too concerned about the size of the pieces, knowing the wigglers would devour any piece they were given.

On a side note, I am so distracted and can’t concentrate!  My newly adopted fury sidekick, Bob, is having some troubles.  I think I will put up at post about him soon!  Maybe writing about him will help me get my mind focused a bit!

Any way…..Happy Wormin’ and thanks!


“Feed the Wigglers” campaign! 11/1-5

The dop off has begun!  Please donate your Halloween pumpkin to “Feed the Wigglers” campaign!
This is our second year collecting pumpkins from local friends and businesses!  I have already picked up 5 really wicked pumpkins from Mother’s Juice Cafe.  Thanks so much for your donation.  My Red Wigglers are very thankful for their delicious treat!  Leave me a comment and I’ll give you directions!

Happy Halloween!

BOO!  Happy Halloween!

Have I told you lately how Red Wigglers love pumpkins?  Give them a delicious post Halloween treat tomorrow.  There’s no need to slice and dice.  You can quarter the pumpkin or put it in whole.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly they will devour it.  They’ll stop feasting on the scraps in the bin and migrate to the pumpkin.

If you don’t have a worm bin or compost pile and you live in Bend, give them to me.  My Red Wigglers would be delighted.  Leave me a comment and we can set something up!

Wonder Worman Sewed! Really, I did!

For the past 3 months in the Wonder Worman household, we have been been using cloth napkins and rags instead of paper towels and paper napkins.  I wanted to think of another way to cut back on the amount of trash we were contributing to the landfill.  Composting the food waste with the Red Wigglers is going well.  I have occasionally thrown in some napkins from dinner but never those with cleaning residue so I decided to use the cloth solution.

We already had a stash of cloth napkins given to us as gifts for the holidays, house warming, and Cinco de Mayo (My favorite time of the year!!). We also had a variety of rags from old towels and t-shirts.   I thought I was set and didn’t need to purchase any more.  Well, that changed this week.  I started thinking about how I had increased the amount of laundry loads.  Now, I was worried about the water and energy being used to keep these clean!  I was determined to find a solution to increase our supply of napkins therefore decreasing the amount of times the napkins and rags needed to be washed.  So, I decided to make my own napkins.  We have a beautiful sewing machine that was given to Little a for Christmas.  She uses it often to create pillows and “fun stuff”.  Now, it was my turn to make some napkins.  For those of you that know me, I AM NOT a person that sews, but I was determined to give it a try for the sake of the planet! I did some on line searching and found a cool site!  Link is below.

I picked this fallish fabric!  
Set the template on the backside of the fabric and traced with a pencil.  I don’t own fabric chalk?! what is that any way??
Fabric cut in squares.  I would’ve called it done but knew the sides would fray.
Finished!  I used Little a’s orange thread!  Thought the contrast was cool.  Plus, it was already set up on the machine, and I have trouble rethreading the bobbin and then threading the needle and all of that sewing stuff that you have to do on the machine! 

Here’s the link (click here) to the site where I found the set of instructions. Really quick and easy!  Next set of napkins will be made from Max’s too small oxford shirts! Recycling our clothes will be fun and will give us something to talk about when friends and family come over.  Don’t worry, I won’t use our underwear!