The “Feed the Wigglers” campaign has officially come to a close!  It was so cool to look outside at different times during the day and see groups of pumpkins left on the lawn.

I’m not too sure if the sign on the corner of Awbrey Rd and Portland Ave actually brought people to the drop site.  I have a feeling it just made people wonder, but that’s cool, too!

Thanks to all of my friends and readers who dropped off their carved creations.  My Red Wigglers are set for quite some time.

I think…(this is an estimate)… there were about 35 pumpkins dropped at the house.  I am not certain because my kids were infatuated with grabbing something hard, like a baseball bat, and whacking the heck out of the pumpkins the minute they got home from school!  The guts and rinds went a-flying.

Their madness was actually much appreciated.  They saved me an hour of smashing them myself.  It was fun to see them get their wackiness out!

I wasn’t too concerned about the size of the pieces, knowing the wigglers would devour any piece they were given.

On a side note, I am so distracted and can’t concentrate!  My newly adopted fury sidekick, Bob, is having some troubles.  I think I will put up at post about him soon!  Maybe writing about him will help me get my mind focused a bit!

Any way…..Happy Wormin’ and thanks!