Holy Moly! I chowed this delicious acorn squash in, uh…., under a minute. More like 20 seconds, seriously. I had this amazingly tasty veggie all to myself. The kids were at school, and my hubby is on a mini vacay! Glad they weren’t here to witness my slurping and totally awful manners!

This super veggie is loaded with bazillion amounts of Vitamin A which is super awesome for your skin. Today, I cooked it in the oven at 400 with about a cup of water in the dish. After 30 min, it was soft and ready to be inhaled. Before the feast, I doused it with 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. In the past, I have added butter and some maple syrup. Today, I skipped out on that stuff. It would have taken too much time to get all that out, and I was starving.
So now these scraps will be on their way to the wiggler bins. Just giving them a tidbit, a little teaser because in the next few weeks, they will be enjoying huge amounts of pumpkins and gords!

Let the Feasting Begin!

I came home this afternoon to find my pumpkin collection bucket full of nasty, rotting pumpkins. My red wigglers will be feasting for a while, especially on something they enjoy.

During my 5+ years of vermicomposting, I have found that they love pumpkins. In the past, I have halved and quartered pumpkins and tossed them into the worm bins. After a day or so, I checked on them and lifted a piece of the pumpkin and to my surprise, I found a cluster of red wigglers underneath! Way cool!!!
If you have a worm bin and pumpkins left, go ahead and feed them to your worms!

Thanks to all of my friends for supplying these nasty, rotting pumpkins!

Pumpkins=Happy Red Wigglers

Calling all Halloween Jack-O-Lantern and rotting pumpkin owners!

When you are tempted to toss your icky pumpkins into the trash can, don’t! STOP and think about other options.

1. toss them into the corner of your backyard.
2. toss them into your compost pile.
3. toss them into your worm bin!!!
and if these options don’t work for you, GIVE THEM TO THE WONDER WORMAN!!! (if you are local)

Pumpkins are 100% biodegradable. When added to your compost pile, you will have rich fertilizer for the spring! A huge bonus, if you have a worm bin, the worms will have a Halloween treat too! They love, love, love pumpkins! I can’t stress that enough!


The weather is getting cooler. Keep an eye on the frost.

The temperature has been dropping in Bend, letting me know that fall is here. This is the time to think about techniques to use for insulating your outdoor worm bins. Last winter was my first time having bins outside so basically it was my experimental year. I am happy to report that it was a success and plan on using the same technique this winter.

I made sure to frequently feed the worms delicious fall treats, such as pumpkins, gourds and squash. The worse they looked and smelled the better they tasted for the worms.

I also insulated the bins with hay, lawn clippings and leaves.

For more detailed information, check out my website under the “How To” section.

Red Wiggler Late Summer Snacks

Pumpkin PatchPumpkins, Squash, Gourds… Oh My!!!
Soon they will be springing up all over town. Here’s a shot of some pumpkins from my mini pumpkin patch garden! Sometime in late October when this little guy is big, round and orange, he will be carved up and made into a Wonder Worman Jack-O-lantern! Of course, nothing will go to waste – every part of the pumpkin will go right back to my Super Composting Red Wigglers. Yum! It’s like pumpkin pie for my Super Composting Sidekicks!