When would be a good time State Representative Conger?

After reading this tidbit of information on the local KBND website, I am confused by State Representative Jason Conger’s  reaction to the ban on plastic bags.  The website states that he believes the timing of the ban is poor, and their are bigger problems to solve.

My reaction…Problems will always exist and time keeps moving on.  If we let time move on without solving this problem, then this problem will become a bigger one in time!  Trash, trash, trash will always be accumulating with time.  This is any easy one to stop in a short amount of time.  Let’s evolve and be done with the plastic bag!

How will they decide this Tuesday?

Legislators in Oregon will have a hearing on Tuesday to decide the fate of the plastic bag!  I am in favor of banning the bag and being charged 5 cents for using a recycled bag.  I have been using my own store bought bags for 2 years and have significantly reduced the amount of times I’ve had to use a plastic or paper bag.  Occasionally, I do forget to bring in my bags when I go shopping and kick myself for forgetting them!  With this 5 cent fee, I think I will force myself to bring in the bags!  5 cents add up!

Many of the naysayers believe banning the bags will result in the loss of jobs.  What are your thoughts?