That’s all it takes to motivate!

Today I attended an assembly at Little a’s school, High Lakes.  I received an email from her teacher this morning inviting me to see her get an award for positive behavior.  I was psyched to go and see the ceremony!  I arrived on time, took my seat and waited for her class to arrive in the auditorium.

Remember those days as a kid?!  I sure do!  I loved assemblies. A change in the schedule meant less work and more time to socialize with your friends. woohoo!

First on the docket was the presentation of the awards. I thought we’d be out soon, but I was soooooooo wrong, BUT pleasantly surprised. The music teacher called a group of 4/5th graders up to the stage to do a Broadway Ensemble!!!! Holy Cow!  I was in heaven!  NYC! NYC! I couldn’t believe it because just yesterday I wrote a post about a dream job in NYC! So for the next 20 minutes, I was whisked off to NYC, listening to the sounds of the Lion King, Rent, and Wicked! What a show!  My toes were tapping and my leg was a-swinging! “Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes!  I just can’t wait to be KING!!!” They were terrific….  After the musical, we were dismissed back to our classes. Oh wait!…not me!  The kids were dismissed, and I had to wait in the hall until school was over!

While checking the art work and fun stuff, I saw this simple yet effective teacher made poster on the wall!  Way to go High Lakes!  I love, love, love seeing reminders to recycle.  This sign raises the awareness of the students and staff. It makes you think before you toss.  This is similar to the sign at Mt.Bachelor except it’s a bit more detailed.

There’s just one item on this list that I want to change!  One of Wonder Worman’s missions!  Can you find it? I’ll give you about 5 seconds to scan and answer……Ready, Set, GO!  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..Times UP!

I want to move the Food!!!! to the recycling side and create a side that writes “Put in the Compost Bucket!”

Soon, Soon, soon!  Patience WW! Patience!!

One school at a time…….  (Tumalo Community School is on the horizon)

Maybe I can get an award for displaying patience!  ….nah, there’s no time for that!

Deschutes Composting Facility

Members of Deschutes Recycling and St.Charles Health Care Center and me! I got to wear a vest, too!!!

Today, I had the coolest opportunity to visit the Deschutes Recycling Compost Facility  housed at the Knott Landfill!  I loved every single minute of the visit and couldn’t stop the smile from shining the whole, entire time!  There’s something so inspiring and motivating to see composting on such a massive level.

This week, I had a meeting with members of St. Charles Health Care Center to talk about their planned community garden and learn more about their pre and post consumer waste which is being collected by Deschutes Recycling.  I was fascinated by the composting program and asked if I could tag along on their visit to the composting facility.  I had to see it in action.  Their set-up is truly amazing.

Brown and Green waste ready to be moved to the next phase of the composting process.

On the composting site, the food waste travels to 4 areas before it is ready to be usable compost for your gardens.  (Carlos took amazing video footage and will be edited sometime soon!)  This photo shows the compost moving from the 2nd phase to the 3rd phase.  This is a mixture of brown and green organic waste.  You can see the brown waste on the bottom and the green food waste in the middle and a bit of brown on the top.  The drop box also has black tubes inserted to pump in air so aerobic decomposition occurs.  This process takes about 30 days and temperatures reach about 130F which kills the pathogens in the compost.

Can you find the white sprout?

Here’s a close up of the compost.  They are doing a terrific job keeping it aerated.  A sure sign of aerobic decomposition is the smell it gives off while breaking down.  This batch has an earthy smell.  Good Job Deschutes!  This will then move to a windrow to continue decomposing and then move to the screening process to remove any pieces that didn’t compost, such as large pieces of bone.

There are only 2 facilities participating in this food composting program on a commercial level.  Soon, Deschutes Recycling will continue to provide this service to many more commercial businesses in Deschutes County.  Very cool, very cool indeed!

Happy Wormin’

Wonder Worman in Cascade Business News

If you’re a local, pick up the latest free edition of the CBN! This issue’s focus was “Women in Business”. Carlos and I put together a PR piece. Actually Carlos wrote most of the article. I am excited to be included among some wonderful women in Central Oregon.

The weather is getting cooler. Keep an eye on the frost.

The temperature has been dropping in Bend, letting me know that fall is here. This is the time to think about techniques to use for insulating your outdoor worm bins. Last winter was my first time having bins outside so basically it was my experimental year. I am happy to report that it was a success and plan on using the same technique this winter.

I made sure to frequently feed the worms delicious fall treats, such as pumpkins, gourds and squash. The worse they looked and smelled the better they tasted for the worms.

I also insulated the bins with hay, lawn clippings and leaves.

For more detailed information, check out my website under the “How To” section.

Honey Bees in my Worm Bin

I had honey bees in my bin last month! What an experience for me. It began on a Sunday afternoon when I noticed a few bees, which I thought were yellow jackets, hovering over one of the bins. I thought for sure there was something tasty in there, and they would hang out for the day and be gone by evening. That was definitely not the case! By nightfall, I went to check on the bin and was sure they were gone. I lifted the lid to hear a humming sound. I was freaked out. There was a swarm on the bedding. I quickly slammed the lid and ran inside, realizing I have a phobia. My heart was racing and I was sweating. With the help of my husband, we put up yellow jacket traps, a lot of them! Come Monday morning, I thought they would be gone for sure. Instead they were busy working on making bin number 2 their home, by developing a hive. I called an all natural type exterminator, and they were here within a few hours. He examined the bees and was rather excited to tell me I had a swarm of honey bees. I knew I could not kill them but needed to have them gone! I discussed various options with friends and family, searched the web, and made many, many phone calls. Then by early evening, I had my solution! I found a bee keeper in Bend who was looking for a swarm. She came with her gear, white suit, mask, box and dust pan and broom. I was so happy to see her!!! She charmed the bees into the box by using an old honey comb. After an hour, she had them and was on her way. To see more images click on the image.