Bend River Song School is a new Montesorri School located across the beautiful Deschutes River near The Old Mill District.  They were granted the funds by the Environmental Center and purchased a Wonder Worman Worm Bin Package customized with casters for mobility.  I had a blast delivering the bin as it was rolling all over the back of my Worm Mobile :^)

The school plans to compost their fruits and veggie scraps from lunch, and will use the valuable poop to amend their potting soil for the indoor garden. Learning and contributing to the process, the students are gaining a valuable lesson in Science.  They will observe the decomposition process, the behaviors of a Red Wiggler, and the needs of living creatures.

I am always so grateful to have the opportunity to visit schools and share my love for the planet and my amazing sidekicks, the Red Wigglers!

Thanks Bend River Song School!


Wonder Worman