Spring is the time when I begin to think about my raised flower and vegetable beds, potted plants, budding trees, poking perennials and, OF COURSE, harvesting my valuable, super rich red wiggler castings.  My Red Wigglers have been munching and pooping for months and are ready to move into some comfy, fresh bedding.

I am ready to get my hands dirty – are you? If you’re a vermicomposter in Bend and prefer keeping your hands worm poop free, but still want to reap the rewards of your red wigglers, I’ve got a solution for you! At the request of several local vermicomposters, I will now be providing a Spring “cleaning” service to make sure your worms are good to go for the upcoming growing season. Presenting:

Wonder Worman’s Wiggler Waste Withdrawal Spring Special

I have packed up my worm bin replenishing supplies to visit your home or ranch in the Bend area. I will be armed with:

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  • Shredded newspaper
  • Moisture tester (my finger)
  • Scent analyzer (my nose – sorry Basset Hounds not available)
  • pH tester (this is actually a real scientific instrument)
  • Peat moss
  • Fly paper (if needed)


And there are two packages to choose from:

Economy Worman Package – $29

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  • Check the pH of your worm bin and advise accordingly
  • Check for any unwanted bugs
  • Removal of said bugs
  • Replenish the bed spread (the bed covering)


Deluxe Worman Package – $49

This includes all the steps in package #1 plus the following:

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  • Sift and bag your nutrient rich compost
  • Replenish your bedding
  • Return your wigglers to their newly remodeled home


There you have it. :^)

If you would like to schedule a day, call me or send me an email.

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