Intro: This is the first entry to a two part post!  I am waiting for the Bend Garbage and Recycling to return my call because I’ve got some questions?!

After painting Little a’s room last week, I decided to go through our mega collection of paint cans in the garage.  We had about 30 cans stacked on the top shelf.  Most were completely empty, some were old samples, and others were colors that we used years ago on the walls which are now covered with a new color.  Our house is full of color and every room is different!

As I was inspecting each can, I was overloaded with memories.  Canary Yellow and Muted Orange were used to paint Little a’s room when she turned 2!  Gun Metal Gray draped our bedroom when we moved to Bend, making it a dark and cozy master.  Lime Green coated Max’s big boy room when he was 4 and then quickly changed to Ralph Lauren Blue once he decided he loved the Solar System. Our dining room and formal living room were transformed into a dark Forest Green. That lasted about 2 years!  We then decided to go with a bit more funk and pizzazz.  Three of the walls were painted Cappuccino and one wall was Teak (a dark orange).   Our great room, kitchen and kid’s bathroom have been the same color for about 8 years.  I couldn’t find the name of the color on the can, but it’s a blend of green and tan.  We are due for a change.  Any recommendations?  I loved sorting though the cans and letting the memories flow.

A majority of these cans went to the Bend Garbage and Recycling Center at Knott Landfill and some of these were left on the shelf …saved for the needed touch up from nicks and scratches. I was happy to see they were accepted free of charge.  I would have dropped them off any way but after a wild weekend in Vegas money is tight for the month! LOL!!

It is cool to see there is an alternative method of disposal for these cans rather than going directly in the land fill. I am not sure where these cans are off to next.  I was unable to reach the person in charge and left a message.  I am anxious to learn about the rest of their journey!  hmmmmm……Anyone out there have any ideas?????