I love the fact that Red Wigglers munch on toilet paper rolls!  They can eat many non food items like coffe filters, coffee grounds, egg shells, shredded moist newspaper, shredded moist computer paper, tea bags, paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls.  The paper products provide the carbon which the Red Wigglers need in order to survive in the worm bin.  “Out in the wild” the decaying leaves and plants will provide the carbon.  Since I am controlling the Red Wigglers environment, it is important for me to balance the amount of  browns and greens that the worms are eating.  When these non food items are in the worm bin, I will usually find the Red Wigglers in and around the toilet paper rolls.  I do get a kick out of finding them nestled in between the rolls.  It must be cozy and secluded…a place to nuzzle with each other. Maybe they need to find that special place “to get the job done”.  hmmm? Yes? No? Maybe So?

I just put a roll in this morning and will take some pictures to show you how cute they look all snuggled together!  First, I am going to let them get settled in and comfy.