Food scraps for the wigglers!

Today I made a huge pot of soup.  I am not going to tell you what type…not just yet!  First, I’d like you to play a game with me. Please, please, please play along with me! Are you ready?  Too bad I won’t be able to hear your guesses.  Oh well!

O.K. so here goes.  I am sure in your life you’ve played “I Spy”, right?  Well, if not, I’ll give you quick “how to”.  You can play this game with an unlimited number of players.  You need at least one person to play with besides yourself.  Basically, it’s a guessing game.  You look at an object, maybe an apple that’s on the counter.  You would say, “I spy something red” and the person tries to guess what you are looking at.  Not too difficult, right? Let’s play!  Be prepared to be challenged!

I spy something orange and stringy…..

I spy something green….

I spy something yellowish, orangish…..

I spy something tiny that’s white…

All done……Here are the things I was looking at.

Something that’s orange and stringy…… the carrot peelings

Something that’s green……celery

Something that’s yellowish, orange….butternut squash

Something that’s tiny and white….garlic peels

Do you know what kind of soup I made?……

Butternut Squash Soup!  These scraps are now in the worm bin being devoured by the Red Wigglers!