bins surrounded with hay and a construction fence

I am often asked, “Wonder Worman what should I do with my Red Wigglers during the winter?”

Depending on my mood, I may reply…

“Oh, avid composter, don’t fear!  You can still feed your Red Wigglers!  Just put on your comfy, warm boots and venture out in the beautiful, fluffy white stuff and feed those wigglers.  Just make sure you add some soft, colorful leaves to the bins to create a thick layer of natural insulation.  You want to keep your babies warm!”

Some days, I can’t stand Central Oregon weather, and I may reply…well, I really wouldn’t say this.  It’s kind of rude…but wouldn’t it be fun.

“Oh, whatever, don’t worry about those dreadful, icky, cold, crappy, days.  Even though I can’t stand those days,  the Red Wigglers don’t mind!  Just feed them when you can! They’ll live.”

Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad!  I guess I can’t “go there” in my writing.  I am too worried I may offend someone.  My thoughts are a lot worse, not about the person asking the question.  It’s just the weather gets me down.

You can also gather some of your Red Wigglers and start a compost bin in your garage or laundry room, using a plastic container or bucket.  The rate at which they consume your scraps will be faster in warmer temperatures.

You can get some info off of my website, and you can also buy worms, too!

Happy wormin’