Tis the season for blankets and layers. This is also the case for your Red Wiggler friends. If you have an outdoor bin, it’s important to think about insulation so your wiggly friends will be warm and cozy all winter long.  There are various things you can use. You can use hay to create a thick wall of insulation. Two years, I purchased some inexpensive fencing material from the hardware store. Then, secured it in the ground leaving some space to stuff the hay in between the bins and the fence. I also opened the lid and put a bunch of hay above the bedding. When it snowed, I left the snow on top to create another natural layer of insulation.  If hay is not readily available, then lawn clippings and leaves will do which I am using this year.  You can also use old blankets or tarps to cover your bin. Be creative!

You can also transfer some worms into a large plastic bin and put the bin in the garage or laundry room.  Then the worms will consume the food at a quicker rate due to the warmer temperatures.  If the worms are in an outdoor bin, you will notice their consumption rate has decreased.  They too, like the bears go into a hibernation/dormant state.