Hey Everyone!!! Meet Bob and Lucy.

Bob is on the left! Lucy is on the right, and my hubby, Carlos, is holding the two!

We just adopted Bob from the pound in Madras on Saturday and bought Lucy from a breeder when she was a pup. She’s 4 now. We think they are about the same age.
I usually brag about my Red Wigglers being the best sidekicks out there, consuming and transforming usable waste into rich, organic compost. Today’s a day to write about Bassets. Basset Hounds are really mellow, loving dogs which make really cute and cuddly sidekicks! I’ve written about wanting to hug a wiggler and thank them for all that they do for our planet. I know that’s gross and not possible. It’s actually rather weird….but hey so am I!
Soooo, I am going to hug my Bassets along with my family and thank them for all that they do for me! I look at these two cuddly, sweet dogs and smile! How could you not??!!!

Here are some books about Bassets!  Claude the Dog is a sweet, sweet book about a Basset at Christmas!  This was my first intro to Basset Hounds, and I have loved them ever since!  I have not read The Hound from the Pound  but seeing it reminded me of Bob since we rescued him from the pound!  I am sure you can find these at your local bookstore or library, but if you can’t click below!