This past weekend, ‘Little a’ and I went to visit the HA Ranch in Tulelake, Ca. My super, terrific, lovable, dearest
friend, Jenn and her husband Jack, who’s also super and terrific and, of course, lovable in a rugged sort of way, run a huge operation on a billion acres of land. It’s not quite a billion acres more like 30,000, but it sure feels like a billion compared to my cozy lot here in Bend.
Jenn and Jack have cows, lots and lots of ’em, chickens, sheep, and new this year, rabbits. (In a post later on this week, I will share my new venture, composting with rabbit poop). They have been running the HA Ranch with other family members for about 10 years after making a life change and huge move from Long Island! The property is amazing, and there aren’t any neighbors for at least 2 -3 miles. The only sounds out there are the ocasional “moos” and “cackles” from the livestock and “screams” and “hollers” from the folks, especially when my brood comes for a visit!
While venturing on the acreage, Jen and Jack took me into the bunny barn which is more like “The Bunny Mansion”….G rated version, of course! Take a look at that massive structure. Jack built this with his Pa and some siblings who venture out to the HA Ranch, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life.
Jack is amazing! There’s nothin’ he’s ‘fraid of, or no job he can’t tackle!
Inside there’s a row of bunny cages, lots of hay, and lots of poop! I took some home with me and will discover the ways of the poop!
….in a later post!
This visit was not only for poop collecting, but for my ‘Little a’ to see her buddies and of course, for me to hang with my Jenn! We have been besties for about 25 years! Jenn is a city slicker! It’s in her blood, and there’s nothing that can take that away from her. While she does live in the middle – of -no where, she will continue to yell and swear even if you are standing a few inches from her face! She is a New Yorker through and through! I am happy to see that hasn’t changed! I love everything about her….her brutal honesty, her fierce love for her kids, family, and friends. She has this amazing passion for life and a continued drive to better herself.
I am proud of her and will forever be visiting the HA Ranch!
It’s a magical place full of so much opportunity!!!
(Max Man was sick and needed to hang with Carrrrlos which wasn’t too bad for them. They got to catch up on some hours of HaloReach!)