Last month, my hubby got me a ticket to my favorite city in the world, NYC! He was tired of hearing me moan and groan, “I haven’t seen my brothers in over a year!” So he decided I needed to go on a “vacay”. I got on the phone and called my family and my greatest friends from childhood and college! We had the days packed with adventure and craziness! I do love a good time!
Blah, Blah, Blah. I can go on and on about my days/nights.
Back to the purpose of my post! NYC recycles. I had time to roam the city and I came across this trash can. Boy, I love this city!
As I continued my journey across town, I came across this really AWESOME poster! And this really AWESOME restaurant, Otarian on 8th Ave. I love this city even that possible?!
I stopped, read the poster, and took the picture so I could check there site out.
check it out!
They have this cool program called Carbon Karma which rewards you for eating at their restaurants. Once again
check it out!
I really, really, really, really love this city!
They are a low-carbon restaurant for various reasons. The one I LOVE the most is their composting program! They compost their veggie waste and it’s done in my favorite city in the entire world!
Have I mentioned how much I love this city!!!