What an unusual day! Bend got about 4 inches of snow! I did not want to disturb the Red Wigglers but had a bunch of kitchen waste that needed to go some where! Usually if we have a lot of snow, I don’t bother the worms and leave the snow on top of the bins for natural insulation. I felt comfortable about going in the bins because this weeks forecast will be in the mid 60s.

The worm bin bedding is at 50 degrees. It has dropped 12 degrees. When the bedding is at 40 degrees, I will insulate the bin with hay.

I didn’t think the worms would be this active. I pulled away the watermelon which was very, very mushy and saw this!! The worms were underneath feasting on the watermelon. Not much has changed with the other food waste.

I look forward to seeing the change when the temperature rises this week.

Happy Wormin