As with any new project, there may be a time when you are faced with a problem. Vermicomposting is no exception. Whether your worm bin bedding is too dry, too stinky, too big or too small, don’t let these things deter you. Because with every problem there is a solution. And remember, those little Red Wigglers are working for you!

Moisture levels.

red wigglers in worm bin

When Red Wigglers are at their best, they produce lots of moisture. Their efforts along with the natural process of decomposition increases the moisture level in your worm bin. However, too much moisture can lead to disaster.

If the worms are in a plastic bin, the additional moisture will collect on the walls and lid of the bin. This is not a big problem, but if you notice liquid pooling in the worm’s bedding and the worms are bloated, white and look as though they are trying to escape there is definitely too much moisture and not enough drainage – it’s time to create more holes in the bottom of the bin. This solution will help immediately.

After the excess moisture has been drained, the bedding will still be very moist and adding dry shredded paper to your bin is a good next step. The paper can be newspaper or office paper. Doing this, will soak up the moisture within the bedding. Keep a close watch on the moisture level for the next few days and continue to feed the worms.