A glimpse into my wacky brain! (There is some substance to this post though)

Books! Books! Books!  The library is filled with them, of course, and so are the bookstores.  Nothing new with that statement, right?! On Monday, I went to the library to do a bit of composting research and came home with a few books. Looking at my selection this morning kind of scares me.  It is proof that I am really confused with where I am in my life.  I checked out 6 books.  They break down like this…oh by the way, I am not putting them into any particular order.  Well that’s not all together true.  My brain is categorizing them as I am typing, and I am getting distracted because I can’t concentrate as I type this…geez!  (Close your mouth, close your brain, just type!) Here goes….

  • 2 composting books found in the kid’s section…but I think they are great for all ages. The only ones I’ve read so far!
  • 2 composting books for adults found in the non fiction adult section. They look boring!
  • 1 non fiction book about an Amish schoolteacher.  What the heck was I thinking?…hilarious
  • 1 fiction book about raising a teenager!…Help! just kidding…no really.  Help I remember how sassy I was to my dad!

I know exactly why I read the kids’ books first.  They look fun.  One is illustrated and the other has photos.  The images drew me in instantly.  The info is well written and easy to understand.  Well of course, Laurie, they’re kids books.  I love kids books so much and encourage all of you to read some more often.  Composting can be intimidating, especially composting with worms.  One of the two books actually “touches” on the topic.  They both explain the importance of composting and the benefits it provides for you and the planet. I highly recommend these two children’s books and will have a link to the amazon store if you can’t find them at your local library or bookstore.

I will try my best to read the other “adult” composting books soon.  No really, I will try!  I do love the title of one, Let it Rot! but it looks too long, and there aren’t many pictures so I think I am going to skim through it.

Now on to the other 2 books!  The Bridge of Peace by Cindy Woodsmall and Teen 2.0 by Robert Epstein, PH.D.  Just the titles crack me up.  They should be linked together.  I am laughing as I am typing this!  How about this title…

The Bridge of Peace for your Teen or The Bridge of Peace away from your Teen or The Bridge of Peace to your Teen or how about this  plain and simple…I NEED to take a ride on The Bridge of Peace

The purpose of this post was to recommend the children’s books, but Hey, Sorry  I got carried away and come to think of it. ……..My brain feels a lot better.  I am ready to start the day!  Woohoo a laxative for the brain!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

It’s been so cold in Bend!  Last week, our daytime highs were in the 20’s and the night time lows were in the negative single digits. Not only were we blasted with winter temperatures, Mother Nature also granted us 6 inches of snow.  The kids enjoyed the snow and weren’t phased by the arctic temperatures.  They made a really cute snowman with Carlos and loved pelting each other with snowballs.  I’m not to sure how the Red Wigglers felt about this unseasonably cold weather.  I’m going to check on them and the Sunchips bag today and will record all of my data for my ongoing experiment.  It will be a quick visit because there is a nice layer of snow on the top of the worm bins, and I don’t want to expose them to the outside temperature for too long.  That wouldn’t be too nice to blast them with cold air…yuck.  Be back in a bit!

First Wonder Worman Bin Delivery of the season

Actually I delivered two bins today minus the Super Composting Red Wigglers. The weather this week has been rather silly! On Sunday, it was near 70, and today it was close to 40! Yucky for sure. The weather was not ideal, and I did not feel comfortable setting my red wigglers into their new homes. The worms will be delivered in about 2 weeks. By then, I hope the weather has improved and the nightime lows are above freezing.

My clients were very excited to get the bins even without the worms, knowing they can still compost. Food waste will be tossed into the bin and will begin to break down. So when the worms do arrive, the bedding will have food scraps for them to eat.
I am excited for this season of vermicomposting. I am scheduled to be at the Earth Day Fair this Saturday 4/24 in downtown Bend at the Environmental Center. There will be many local Earth loving people there!! Come down and say “Hi”.
More later! happy wormin’

Thinking about Worms

I am constantly thinking about these red wigglers.

I think about them when I wake up, when I make coffee, when I make breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think about them especially when I am snacking.
They are constantly on my mind. Geeeezzzzz.
I think I may love my red wigglers as much as I love my kids and husband.

Layering with newspaper

After browsing through my worm photos, I found this shot of me with my Super Composting Red Wigglers!

Boy, I have missed them during these cold winter days. I am feeding them, but not moving the bedding around too much as to not blast them with cold air. I am also not selling them until the weather warms up, probably March? I will keep the worm community posted!
Any way, back to the “Layering”. Sorry, I got off topic. A common thing lately! Geez… So, when I feed the worms the various, yummy kitchen scraps from the day/week, I throw the waste on the top of the bedding then sprinkle a little bedding on top. Then I finally cover the bedding/waste mixture with wet newspaper.
The newspaper blanket, I believe, blocks out the light so the worms with come to the top to feed. Knowing that red wigglers are surface dwellers, I think this helps them feel more comfortable. When they are relaxed and less stressed, I think they will eat more and will have less indigestion.
I love these red wigglers and what they do for the planet! So I want to give them the best eating experience. LOL!!!