Yummy Strawberries

Wow!  Our strawberries are so tasty.  This year, I didn’t tend the garden as much as last year.  We bought the strawberry starters last year and incorporated the soil with 40 pounds of worm castings.  Unfortunately we forgot to put up a screen to keep the critters away, and they had a feast. This season, I top dressed the garden with 2 inches of worm castings.  As you can see, we didn’t put up a screen to keep away the deer.  I am not sure why they haven’t been in our yard.  I’m thinking the dogs in the hood have kept them away!  Any way, WE have been enjoying the berries.

This morning the kids decided to wash the car so I went to get them set up. While they were arguing about the hose, the soap, the sponges…blah, blah, blah….I went to the garden, grabbed some berries and shoved them into their mouths!  It helped for a few seconds….. Then I got my phone and snapped these pictures.



ph meter

I just bought this ph meter from Bend in Bloom, one of Bend’s garden supply shops.

I am really excited to test the ph of the compost and castings in the Red Wiggler bin!
More later!!!

Neighborhood Collection Bin

My neighborhood is cool, especially my block. I live about a mile from downtown which is an easy walk to restaurants, shops and the beautiful Deschutes River. We are on a busy street, but looking at this picture you really couldn’t tell. That’s because this is the back alley. A place where the kids ride their bikes, scooters and skateboards, and the parents can let them without worrying about traffic. This alley has hosted many parties and gatherings in the warmer months and sled and snowboard races during the winter months.
I also have some really sweet neighbors. Yeah, they are sugar and spice and everything nice, well some of them (just being honest here), but what I mean is… they are sweet…. as in “cool”. Most of them know I am the Wonder Worman and have hoards of Red Wigglers on the side of the house. They tell me they don’t mind! Some actually think it’s pretty cool and some, well…. are a little “grossed out.”
Some have their own compost piles and others bring their food scraps to this blue bin located by the alley. They are helping to keep my sidekicks happy and healthy. I am thankful for their waste and am happy to see them do what is right for our planet!
I think this type of Neighborhood Drop Off Waste Collection Bin (I just made that up as I am typing this. LOL!) could work in many neighborhoods. If you have a worm bin and have neighbors who are not into composting, you could start a collection bin. Give it a try! Then after a year of feeding the wigglers, you could share the castings and beautify your flower beds in the neighborhood.
Just a thought!
Happy Wormin’

Mysterious Veggie/Fruit plant growing in my garden!

Does anyone know what this is? It looks really healthy and thriving in my veggie garden. I didn’t intentionally plant this. There must have been a seed in my worm castings when I added the amendment to the soil.

I am not sure if I should let it continue or pull it. It reminds me of some sort of squash because there are yellow flowers underneath these massive leaves but nothing else seems to be growing?
If you are out there and reading this could you help me? hmmmmm
Happy Wormin’

My Garden

My vegetable garden seems to be nearing the end of it’s growing season. We have eaten a lot of squash and snap peas! This has been out first year with the garden, and I am so pleased with the results.

We started the garden in late May, planting some from starters and some from seeds. They both grew rather well. When we began, we added soil from the local garden center. With some of the seeds/plants, I added my worm castings. They did rather well and was asked by many of the neighbors “Did you use fertilizer?” I just told them it was the castings.

We also used a cloth over the top which was used on the cold spring nights. We took those off in early July.

I look forward to doing this again next year.