Wonder Worman has Worm Ts!

Wonder Worman went to great lengths (sometimes jumping worm bins in a single bound) to make sure these shirts met the standards of the League of Super Vermicomposters:

– 100% Organic Cotton
– Made in California
– Designed and Printed in Oregon
– Super Soft Feel
– Worn by The Wonder Worman

Feel comfortable knowing you’ll be wearing something that’s as friendly and organic as your Super Composting Red Wiggler sidekicks!
Check them out here!

Getting Started

Making decisions for my website has been a lot of fun, I do like it. My deadline in Friday (6 days). I am very excited to see what people think of it. I am also working with a carpenter on creating cool worm bins. I hope to have them ready by Friday, too. Another thing I am working on is Tshirts…can’t wait for them to be done too. Lots going on and have so many ideas and goals for Wonder Worman. I love my job :^)