I still love Skippy!

Food is on the brain, in my hand, in my mouth, in my stomach, in my dreams!  I love food, especially peanut butter!  I can eat it with apples, bananas, and celery!  I can eat it out of the jar, smothered on bread, toast, bagels, and banana bread.  I can cover it with jelly, honey and chocolate!  I can also mix it into my ice cream.  I am picky here and prefer to have it with chocolate instead of vanilla or any other flavor!  Crap!  I freakin’ LOVE peanut butter.

I have tried a lot of the “all natural” varieties out there.  I have even blended my own….blah. I stink at that!  So when my all time favorite peanut butter company, Skippy, came out with their own “all natural” line (about a year ago?), I was thrilled.  I grew up on Skippy and knew this was gonna rock!  It did, of course.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Skippy never lets me down.

Then!!! there was word on the street that Jif was coming out with their “all natural” peanut butter.  I finally saw it on the shelf in the store yesterday and bought it.  Yipee  more peanut butter to try!  I was happy to show Carlos when I got home because he grew up on Jif.  He said his mom was choosey.  So we did what I am sure millions of people have done when a company has some competition….we had a taste test.  I opened Jif’s jar and Skippy’s, got 2 spoons and fed Carlos.  He knew the difference even with his eyes closed, and of course picked Jif….by the way he’s choosey, too! I just grabbed my spoons and chowed down!  Yummmmm I was in heaven.  Jif was actually good!  but I still prefer Skippy. Skippy’s texture is a bit smoother, and I just found out today, after reading the label, Skippy has about double the amount of salt.  I love salt!!!!!

Check out the pictures.  Interestingly, they have the same amount of calories and fat.  Jif actually has Calcium.  Where does that come from?  The molasses? hmm.  Even though I prefer Skippy, I am not worried.  I won’t let the Jif jar go to waste, but I have a feeling Carlos will devour it without a problem.  Jif is in the hizzzz-ouse again!

By the way, I do reuse these when I sell a 1/2 lb of Red Wigglers.  I make sure to poke holes on the bottom and on the lid.