Happy Valentine’s Day! Red Wigglers have 5 hearts…all the better to love you with!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  A heart shape is the universal symbol of LOVE. It in no way depicts the image of a human heart. That’s a relief!  I wouldn’t want to open a human heart shaped box of chocolates.  Although, I am sure there are some people who would find that appealing.

In the worm world, these wonderful earth loving creatures have five blood pumping organs in their tiny, hard working bodies.  I wouldn’t exactly call them organs, though.  They are more like bands which contract and release and preform similar functions as a human heart.  But the worms’ hearts do not fill up with blood the way humans do, they just squeeze the two blood vessels which help to circulate the blood through out the body.

Check out the illustration!  You can see the 5 hearts and the two blood vessels, ventral and dorsal. I grabbed this picture off of a cool site, Kingston Worm Farm.  They too are spreading the word of the worm.

Also, it would be nice to show your Red wigglers some love.  Feed them something sweet.  Maybe you have some strawberry tops left over after you feed your loved one some strawberries dipped in chocolate or smothered in whip cream!