Safeway’s Bright Green Products

I am often on the hunt for environmentally friendly household products.  If you ever saw me, you’d laugh because I spend a good 5 minutes scouring the shelves and reading the labels.  Ingredients and PRICE have a lot to do with what I buy.  I love the environment, but I love my cash, too.

These are Safeway’s EcoFriendly products from their Bight Green line.  On the left is TP and the right is a glass and surface cleaner.

Here’s my review:

TP:  I don’t mind the TP, but my kids do!  They think it is tooo rough, especially on their nose.  I will buy this product for my bathroom and look for a new recycled TP for the kids.  Any suggestions????

Glass and Surface Cleaner:  This product is awesome, especially on stainless steel appliances.  It doesn’t leave streak marks like my other EcoFriendly products.  I will buy this product again!

Check out their website for a detailed list of their ingredients and other products!