What’s on the Menu for Red Wigglers?

What’s on the menu today for Wonder Worman’s Super Composting Red Wigglers? There’s Red Leaf lettuce, banana peels, strawberries, oats, pasta, rice and spinach, among other things – Food scraps from the last couple of days. If you have kids and are looking for ways to get them even more excited about having Red Wigglers, make a project out of feeding your worms by creating a “soup” out of food that would normally go to waste – but still a good source of food for your Red Wigglers (Moldy bread? Bring it on! Rusty Lettuce? Yum!). Before putting this mix into the bin, add a bit of water to prevent any moisture from being absorbed by the mix from the existing bedding. Bon Appetit!

Red Wiggler Food

Red Wiggler Food
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Red Wigglers can eat most anything. Try testing out various foods that you normally discard after preparing a meal (less meat products and citrus based fruits).
For example, you may have veggies w/ freezer burn – give them to the worms, they don’t mind.

In addition to veggie and fruit waste, Wonder Worman’s Red Wigglers love pasta, left over cheese pizza and home made chocolate chip cookies!
Who knew?