Total Fail…Lazy and sick fail!

What a day!  What a past 4 days!  What a past 2 weeks!  My chest is infested with germs…icky, sticky, slimy germs.  This all started last week after subbing at a preschool for 2 weeks (will save that for a later post).  The sweet little kids gave me hugs and smiles and also passed along their germs.  I started to get the sick feeling on Wed but pushed myself through it.  The tingling in my throat went away, and my head started to clear up. I thought for sure I was on the mends and was able to start the Spring Break festivities with the kids. On the agenda for the next four days, Snowboarding Camp from 10-3!  This was my excuse to hit the powder.  But on the second day, I started to get an annoying tickle in my throat.  Kinda felt like something was rubbing on the back of my throat.  I thought once again that I will push through this, too.  I actually don’t think I ever pushed through the first round. After 2 days of uncontrollable coughing and night time coughing into the pillow so I wouldn’t wake Carlos, Carlos decided to call the doctor!  (Guess the pillow didn’t work!)

My appointment was at 4:30…diagnosis…Bronchitis.  I had two prescriptions in hand and was off to Safeway. I asked the doctor to give me some meds that will knock me out and cease the cough!  I love meds like that and can’t wait to take it soooon!  So I’d like to share what came home with me.

The title of my post is Total Fail….Lazy and sick fail!  I am sure you can see from the picture why it has this title!  If not, here’s a clue!

Here are the plastic bags in the car next to………my recycled bags!  I realized I didn’t have them about half way though the parking lot!  Normally, I would have returned to the car to get them, but …DANG!  I was just tooooo DANG lazy!  and tooooo sick…more lazy than sick actually! I limited my shopping list so I wouldn’t be using too many plastic bags.  Any way, I wanted to share my fail with you!  not sure why…..hmmm!

Ways to use the plastic bags:

Bring them back to the store and recycle them there…

Use them to pick up the dog poop

What do you use yours for????