Oh where, oh where has the Worman gone? oh where, oh where can she be?

I am hooked!   Mt Bachelor once again has stolen my mind, body and blogging soul.  He has taken all of the wigglin’ out of me.  I can’t focus on writing a worman post because whenever he’s covered with freshies I’ve gotta get my share.  So for the past 2 days, I’ve been riding with the kids, riding with friends, riding with Carlos and riding solo.

I will get back to work soon.  I promise.  Maybe tomorrow when I am up there, I will find some wigglin’ inspiration!

A simple sign to remind us all!

Carlos snapped this picture at Mt. Bachelor after we chowed on the most delicious but bad for your body nachos!  What a simple sign to joggle your noggin!

Very simple but effective …..” Before you throw it, think can you recycle it.”

Love this sign Mt Bachelor!

We all need to think before we trash it!