Composting Tips

Keep an eye on moisture levels

I like to keep a layer of moist sheets of newspaper on top of my worm bins and check it regularly on hot summer days – even now in these late summer early fall days when the temperature can hover around the upper 80’s in the afternoon.

The sheets help keep the bedding moist and allow for the worms to make their way to the top layer to consume the scraps. Doing this, also helps with fruit flies. They seem to be contained under the sheets and not flying all around the bin. Fruit flies are more of a nuisance to humans than to the worms.

If you find the bedding to be too dry, sprinkle the bedding with some water. Remember the bedding should be similar to a wet sponge. You should be able to squeeze a little liquid out of it.

For more detailed information, check out “Wonder Worman’s Quick Guide to Red Wiggling”. It’s a quick guide to get you going and you can download it here.