Friends of Wonder Worman

Local shops in town like, Big Island Kona Mix Plate, thump coffee, and Riley’s Market provide tasty scraps for pick up. These scraps are put to good use and let the Super Composting Red Wigglers get a taste variety.

I support Big Island Kona Mix Plate, a local family owned restaurant, in their efforts to make their restaurant “greener”. Also, Big Island Kona Mix Plate no longer uses styrofoam plate-ware, which further reduces their contribution to the landfill.

Thump coffee, is a really cool coffee shop downtown (family owed as well), has an ample supply of used coffee grounds that can be used in your garden or compost pile. When my Super Composting Red Wigglers need a little pick-me-up I stop by the shop just before closing and pick up the goods.

Riley’s Market, another family owned business, located in NorthWest Crossing, offers among other things, fresh organic locally grown produce, a variety of delicious sandwiches and tasty baked goods. When time takes its toll on the produce and bakery items at Riley’s Market, I am called in to take the goods to my trusty sidekicks! My Super Composting Red Wigglers are more than happy to do their part! What a great treat!

Red Wigglers and Garbage Disposals

A friend of mine just forwarded me an interesting article he heard on NPR this morning. Raleigh, N.C. is having issues with their sewer lines and garbage disposals. I knew many people were putting kitchen waste down the disposal thinking they were reducing the waste in the landfill. Yes they are reducing the waste, but they can also recycle their waste at home without damaging the sewer lines. I used to put veggie waste down there too before I had red wigglers. Now I am putting that waste in my worms bins and producing super rich compost for my gardens and indoor plants. Whether or not people use red wigglers, I think it is so important to compost.