I think I might be dating Ingeo!

Listen to this post!

Ingeo (pronounced in-gee-o) keeps popping up in my life and so unexpectedly!  I’ve developed an interesting relationship with this silly word but great product!

Ingeo was first introduced to me over the summer when I met with Linda, the owner of Elements Naturals.  Her compostable baby wipes are made with Ingeo, a plant based product which is 100% compostable.  I was very happy to meet Ingeo and was very impressed by it’s capabilities.  I also thought “Ooooooh, Ingeo, you are so soft!”

I didn’t run into Ingeo for quite sometime, until I bought a package of SunChips on Monday of last week.   I then thought, “OH, Ingeo, you are so LOUD!, but that’s o.k. you’re good for the planet.”

Four days later, while wrapping a present, I started to undress Ingeo!  Ingeo was covering my pretty yellow tissue paper. I then said , “ooooooh, Ingeo, you are sooooo smoooth!”

Then today the unspeakable happened!  I had my lips on Ingeo!!  While sipping a cup of coffee, I noticed the cup and lid were made with Ingeo.

Hmmmm, I am on the hunt for you Ingeo!  Where and when will we meet again?!  I can’t believe you had me kiss you without even asking!  You are one smooooth operator!

If you’d like to learn more about this smooth, soft, sometimes loud but good for the planet product click here! (And to also see if you, too, may have had or still have a relationship with Ingeo?!)

I am in the process of vermicomposting the SunChips bag, some baby wipes and now the coffe lid and cup!  I have to get rid of that evidence!