pH of Wonder Worman Bin

Have you ever wondered what the “p” and the “H” in pH stand for? Well, I’ll give ya a little science lesson, rather a brief science lesson. The “p” represents potential, and the “H”is for Hydrogen. Basically, in Wonder Worman terms it is a scale used to determine the amount of Hydrogen ions in the substance you are testing. The lower the Hydrogen ions… the substance is more acidic and the higher the Hydrogen ions… the substance is more basic. The ph scale ranges from 0-14. The lower the number = more acidic the higher the number = more basic. If you come up with lucky 7, you have a balanced amount of hydrogens. The substance you are testing is neutral which, by the way, is the ideal environment for Red Wigglers.

I am sure a lot of you remember using the ph strips in Science class! They would turn a really cool shade of blue or red, and then you would check the scale on the canister. Oooh, I loved doing that stuff, and I still do. Instead, I am now using this digital meter called “rapitest” the name reminds me of a home pregnancy test and the probe reminds me of a thermometer among other things, but I won’t go there.

Over the weekend, I tested the pH of one of the bins. I like the fact that I don’t have to compare colors, and I am given a number because lately I have been second, maybe third or even fourth guessing every decision I am making. Looking at “shades” of colors would have be wondering, “Is it a true red? or Is it pink?” My head would be going round and round and round and round.
So here’s what you do….
1) Turn the meter on! See the pretty turquoise button or is it green, or aqua? lol….. It always defaults to 7.0.
2) Put the meter in whatever you are testing and twist it around
3) After about 5 -10 seconds, it should flash and register the reading.
Basically, it’s really simple to operate!
These are Wonder Worman directions. It comes with more elaborate ones.
Well after testing, the bin registered a pH of 6.5! Pretty good. I am going to keep on feeding ’em what I’ve kept on feeding ’em!
Happy Wormin’!  Just in case you want to check your pH, click on the handy link below or check your local garden store!