Pretty cool stuff! Just a piece of correspondance between me and Frito-Lay


I am so excited to begin my composting experiment with the compostable bag!  Thanks for creating this product.  I am promoting the bag and really don’t care about the noise.  I understand Frito Lay needs to listen to consumers in order for the product to survive, but was upset to see that there was a change back to the plastic bags while research is being conducted.  I am the owner of Wonder Worman, a composting service business in Bend, Oregon.  I sell Red Wiggler composting worms and worm bins.  I also work with the Environmental Center, setting up our local schools with worm bins and composting bins.  Please view my blog and web site.  I will be updating the blog with the observations of my experiment on a regular basis.

Best to the business!

Laurie – Red Wiggler Merchant

Frito-Lay’s response

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for your enthusiastic response on Snack Chat about our SunChips compostable package.  I’m not an expert on composting but have been told that the package does not break down as well in vermi-compost, because it is a cold compost method.  The ideal compost temperature needed for our package to decompose is 120-140 degrees.  To achieve this temperature there are some great suggestions on  Your business venture sounds like an exciting one, and certainly needed with the growing sentiment we’ve seen from consumers about being good stewards of our planet.  We wish you the very best in your endeavor and thank you again for supporting our earth-friendly initiative.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best regards,

Linda Phelps

Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs