Kind of bummed about the SunChips bags..and it’s not because they are loud!

I’ve heard the upset about the SunChips compostable bags being too loud and disturbing.  I’ve read blogs and viewed videos but haven’t had my own experience so I decided to purchase a bag last week.  Yes, I agree they are very loud indeed.  They are loud enough to wake a sleeping husband on the couch and probably loud enough to wake a sleeping baby.

I am really not upset with the fact that the bags are noisy.  I am more upset that Frito-Lay had to switch back to the plastic bags and do away with the compostable bags with 5 of their 6 chip flavors, keeping the compostable bag limited to the Original flavor.

I do understand Frito-Lay needs to listen to it’s customers in order for the business to survive.  They are working on a better, and I am sure quieter compostable bag.  I am just bummed that the consumers couldn’t hold out until the new bag was made rather than forcing Frito-Lay to change back to plastic.
Does the consumer buy so many bags of SunChips for the noise to be that annoying?