Layering with newspaper

After browsing through my worm photos, I found this shot of me with my Super Composting Red Wigglers!

Boy, I have missed them during these cold winter days. I am feeding them, but not moving the bedding around too much as to not blast them with cold air. I am also not selling them until the weather warms up, probably March? I will keep the worm community posted!
Any way, back to the “Layering”. Sorry, I got off topic. A common thing lately! Geez… So, when I feed the worms the various, yummy kitchen scraps from the day/week, I throw the waste on the top of the bedding then sprinkle a little bedding on top. Then I finally cover the bedding/waste mixture with wet newspaper.
The newspaper blanket, I believe, blocks out the light so the worms with come to the top to feed. Knowing that red wigglers are surface dwellers, I think this helps them feel more comfortable. When they are relaxed and less stressed, I think they will eat more and will have less indigestion.
I love these red wigglers and what they do for the planet! So I want to give them the best eating experience. LOL!!!

Wonder Worman has Worm Ts!

Wonder Worman went to great lengths (sometimes jumping worm bins in a single bound) to make sure these shirts met the standards of the League of Super Vermicomposters:

– 100% Organic Cotton
– Made in California
– Designed and Printed in Oregon
– Super Soft Feel
– Worn by The Wonder Worman

Feel comfortable knowing you’ll be wearing something that’s as friendly and organic as your Super Composting Red Wiggler sidekicks!
Check them out here!