What if I have centipedes?

Centipedes are part of the decomposition cycle and will be found in a worm bin.  I really get the shivers when I see these guys skittering along the bedding. Most likely it’s because of their pincers and fast moving tiny legs. These creatures won’t harm humans, but if there is an explosion in your worm bin they may harm or kill the Red Wigglers!

Cause:  Centipedes like decomposing food and moist, dark environments like a worm bin.  They do help speed up the composting process because they eat the food scraps!  I think they have similar habits to those of the mites.  If their is more food than the Red Wigglers can handle, they will show up to consume the food.

Treatment: Usually they won’t cause a problem unless there are a bunch skittering around the bin.  If you notice a decrease in your Red Wiggler population and an increase in the centipede population, then there is a problem.  When I see a centipede, I remove it from the bin and bury the food scraps underneath the bedding.  Some sites recommend using a pesticide to kill the centipedes, but I wouldn’t.  That would kill the Red Wigglers!

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