Dream job! One of many in my mind, but this one has captured “the NYC in me!”

I Love NYC!  The energy, the people, the culture, the movement, the history, the noise, the architecture ……amazing!  I grew up on Long Island and as a child would visit the city often.  Our field trips involved train rides to see plays and visit museums.  We didn’t have gadgets to keep us occupied.  We had our friends!  The excitement of the city kept us talking on the outbound ride, and the sheer exhaustion from all the sights and the clickety clack of the train lulled us to sleep on the ride home!  I consider myself lucky to have experienced NYC as a kid and even luckier that I have the opportunity to return every summer.

At least once a week, I visit NYC via the web.  I look at web cams, visit the museums, check out plays, and look for something interesting!  Today while searching, I found the Brooklyn Bridge Park, a park working towards sustainability.  They feed their trees and shrubs organically, and are also working on creating composting areas as the park grows.  I am guessing the green trash can is used for collecting compostable waste, such as banana peels or apple cores.

As they are updating existing structures on the park grounds, they are saving most of the material.  This material is then reused and transformed into another structure.  Maybe it is turned into a park bench where someone can sit for hours admiring the city’s skyline!  I hope to plop my behind on one of those benches and admire the urban environment!

So Brooklyn Bridge Park, if you are looking for a die hard New Yorker and one that loves Red Wigglers, give me a shout on the Worm Hotline.  I’ll recognize the area code, and will answer in a worm beat!